Workshops, Events and Masterclasses

Coffee Education

Learn more about coffee in a relaxed casual small group and hands-on workshop.

Attend open events and experience new coffees.


Brewing Workshops

Can't decide on how to brew your coffee? With so many options, we all have trouble deciding sometimes. In this workshop, you can try out various brewing methods with a range of different in-season coffees.

This is a hands-on small group (max 5 ppl) casual workshop, so feel free to ask questions and share coffee experiences and knowledge.

Each attendee will receive a bag of coffee.

January Sessions

Brewing Workshop at Hatch - Jan 19

February Sessions

Brewing Workshop at Hatch - Feb 9 and 23

March Sessions

Brewing Workshop at Hatch - Mar 9 and 23

April Sessions

Brewing Workshop at Hatch - Apr 13 and 27

May Sessions

Brewing Workshop at Hatch - May 11 and 25

June Sessions

Brewing Workshop at Hatch - June 8 and 22

July Sessions

Brewing Workshop at Kirin - July 21

October Sessions

Brewing Workshop at Hatch - Oct 12

Brewing Workshop at Hatch - Oct 26

November Sessions

Brewing Workshop at Hatch - Nov 16 and 30

Cuppings and Events

We frequently host coffee cupping events, sharing new coffees that we're testing, profiling, or from travels.

Jan 26: January BYOC Cupping

Mar 2: Triangulation Tasters Challenge

Apr 6: April BYOC Cupping

Apr 26: Cupping Sample Set from first Philippine Specialty Coffee Auction

May 4 and 5: Toronto Coffee and Tea Expo

June 15: June BYOC Cupping

Sept 7: Doors Open Markham

Sept 21: World's largest cupping event

Masterclasses for Cafe Owners

There's the glamorous side of running a shop, and there's the non-glamorous side. Not a lot of attention is placed on the latter, and we're here to help.

Whether you're currently an owner/manager of a shop, just about to start, or "on the fence," come join and learn more in an open small-group Q+A style session.

Ask questions, be engaged, and learn. You'll be that much more ready to manage your cafe.

Dec 10 Session: Finance, Banking and Cash Management

Feb 4 Session: Social Media Management

Mar 4 Session: Real Estate, choosing a location

Apr 1 Session: Supply-chain management

June 3 Session: TBC

(Invite-only / please contact us via email to register / limited spots)