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Holiday Hours

December 2022

Our Roastery will be operational but with limited capacity during the holiday period. We resume full operations on Jan 3rd.

Note that couriers will have limited operations from Dec 23rd to Jan 3rd, so do expect delays on orders placed during this time. We will make every effort to ship orders out, though in the case coffee is not available or carrier pickup is not available, orders will ship when we resume on Jan 3rd.

Holiday Schedule:
December 19 to 23: 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
December 24 to 27: Closed
December 28 to 30: 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
December 31 to January 2: Closed

Collaboration project with Packt

June 2022

In collaboration with Packt and Shippie, we're testing out the use of reusable bags with a select group of subscribers. In our pilot, we decided to test the applicability of reusable coffee packaging with our subscribers and those specifically located in Shippie service zones (to minimize the barrier to adoption; we simply swap our current bags with reusable ones, and make collection seamless as they are recurring addresses on a monthly basis).

As more and more businesses join Packt in their reusability initiative, and offer more points of bag collection/returns, we will be able to open up the use of reusable bags to more customers in Toronto (not just subscribers).

In the meantime, if you're interested in the program and you're a Roastery Select Subscriber, reach out to us by email. We'll be opening up more spots on this program in a few months after a few more iterations.

New Subscription Box

May 2022

This year we are launching a new quarterly (every 3 months) subscription called Peak, as part of our Peak Series of coffees. These are coffees that we bring in on a limited basis - the same kind of coffees that we have available for presale or limited launches, packed in 50g to 100g tins (though Peak subscribers will have some exclusive coffees).

Check out the Peak Subscription

Going Carbon Negative

Jan 2021

Plain and simple, it's not easy. We don't want this to be another fad, or marketing catchphrase. Yet, upon reflecting on how we live, our lifestyles, our consumption, our interactions with each other, it almost feels like an impossible task.

As coffee manufacturers, part of the value cycle (and therefore carbon lifecycle) rests on our shoulders. So while we cannot (yet) directly eliminate our carbon footprint, we are overcompensating through carbon offset projects to bring our footprint into the negative. Each year, we will be (over) investing in these projects after we go through our lengthy and detailed emissions calculations on each of our product lines (and we have quite a few!). It's not a calculation for calculation's sake. For us, it's an internal audit, and a way to reflect on what we can do better.

Below are projects we invested in to offset our 2020 emissions:

  • Clean cooking stoves and water purification project in Kenya - 22.22 tonnes @ $33/tn*
  • Grow Clean Air project, planting of native trees in Canada (80 trees) - 13.33 tonnes @ $36/tn*
  • (Average cost to offset is $22.50)


  • During our internal audit, we discovered there's no direct emissions calculations for coffee packaging. We also learned that compostable materials are not composted commercially (by most municipalities). So our approach for 2021 with our new packaging is the concept of mono-material - and not just any mono-material, but one that is fully recyclable and can be managed by current recycling streams.
  • There is not (yet) a third party certification or audit body that conducts emissions or footprint verification for companies. Though with growing awareness, we hope it can reach the level of guidance and organisation of programs like HACCP and Organic certifications (which we follow).

Update to our Subscription programs in 2021

Dec 2020

To our current and future subscribers, thank you for your support in moving specialty coffee forward! The past year has been difficult for everyone, and we are thankful for the love and care that we’ve received. In light of these challenges, we needed to make some changes to our subscriptions so that we can continue to bring you amazing coffee and properly support the value chain. Thank you again to this special community for helping us do what we love!

Below are some changes that will take effect January 2021:

  • There will be 2 (two) subscription offerings: Roastery Select and Core Coffees
    (Drip and Espresso will essentially merge into Core Coffees; all our core coffees are intended as both filter and espresso)
  • Roastery Select will remain a curated coffee program (we select the coffees each month)
  • Core Coffees is a program where you select 2 out of our 4 core coffees (the same selected two will be shipped each month)

Pricing Update:

  • Roastery Select will be: $45 (monthly plan), $130 (3-month prepay), $240 (6-month prepay)
  • Core Coffee will be: $40 (monthly plan), $112 (3-month prepay), $210 (6-month prepay)
  • Current and active subscribers will keep current (grandfathered) prices

Sign up before December 31, 2020:

  • December is the last month to sign up on current prices. Lock in the current price by signing up before December 31, 2020.
  • Current subscribers will continue on the current prices - you will have grandfathered pricing, as long as renewals remain active
    (please note: cancelled subs that are renewed on or after Jan 1st, 2021 are considered new, and therefore will be on the new pricing structure).
  • All NEW subs starting in Jan 2021 will be in the new price/structure
  • Should you have any questions, please email us at orders@hatchcrafted.com