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Third Wave Water

2 Pack

Water is very important when brewing coffee (it does make up the majority of your cup!). The mineral composition and respective PPM can affect flavour extraction. At Hatch, we test cup profiles using 3 types of water: in-house re-mineralised water, a commercial water system (called Water For Coffee), and Third Wave Water.

In our Roastery Select subscription boxes, we include one packet for subscribers to allow for a closer experience to the notes that we derive at the lab. After a large amount of requests, we've now offered it here for individual sale.


Mix one packet in 1 gallon of Distilled or RO water. Shake, and use for brewing coffee.

$6.00 CAD

Otto Capsules Classic

Bulk Capsules

Our specialty coffee capsules by Otto Coffee.

Otto Coffee is our dedicated line of products at the intersection of specialty coffee and traditional at-home convenience brewing methods. Developed by the innovation team at Hatch Coffee.

Cool tidbits:

Nespresso OriginalLine Compatible
(We recommend checking out the Morning espresso machine!)
Note: these are regular capsules (recyclable), not compostable


A classic nutty profile, with tasting notes of milk chocolate and caramel

Order details:

30 Capsules per Carton

$30.00 CAD


Hatch Sweater

Hatch x Niche Create Sweater

A collaboration with Niche Create (IG @niche.create.x)

A classic fit sweater for home, work or out with friends. Or basically anywhere you brew and drink coffee.

50% Cotton / 50% Polyester


Small, Medium, Large, XXL

S (Width 51cm / Length 69cm)
M (Width 56cm / Length 71cm)
L (Width 61cm / Length 74cm)
XXL (Width 71cm / Length 79cm)

$63.00 CAD


Coffee 101

Next available date: FEBRUARY 11, 2023 (9:00-11:00AM)
Future sessions will continue to be added. Scroll down for availability.

An introduction to specialty coffee!
This workshop is intended for beginners who are interested in the world of coffee and want to explore the basics of manual brewing at home. Topics covered will include:

- Origins of coffee
- Basics of coffee extraction
- Beginner hands-on brewing and tasting
- Essential tips to improve your coffee at home

Workshops will be held at our roastery in Markham. Attendees will have their choice of a bag from our Foundation Coffees to take home.

Minimum 24hrs notice for cancellations.
Please email orders@hatchcrafted.com for any inquries.


2-hour workshop: Saturday 9-11am
300g bag of coffee

Only 4 spots available per session

$99.00 CAD


Your favourite coffee delivered to you each month.

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