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Savage Coffees

A limited release box set of Geisha coffees from Savage Coffee in Panama. Features the trio Finca Deborah, Morgan Estate, and Savage Coffee.

Box set of Savage Coffees:
Anthem (from Savage Coffee) - 100g
Ether (from Morgan Estate) - 100g
Nirvana (from Finca Deborah) - 32g
Echo (from Finca Deborah) - 32g

Includes a packet of Third Wave Water.

Limited boxes are available for purchase.

Savage - Anthem

Slow drying natural processed Geisha from select high quality producers in the area of Boquete Valley and Volcan. Cherries are shade dried for up to 20 days on their African drying bed system. (Introduced and sourced from Forward Coffee)

Aroma: Rosewater, Strawberry, Tropical Fruits
Flavour: Raspberry, Pineapple, Rosewater
Texture: Syrupy, Medium Body
Aftertaste: Brown Sugar and Floral

Morgan Estate - Ether

Carbonic Maceration Natural Geisha. This marks the return of a CM Natural Geisha from Morgan Estate for us. Last year Spring, we introduced CM Natural Geisha Morgan Estate Stratus, and was used in competition. (Sourced from Project Origin)

Aroma: Pineapple, Dried Mango, Cocoa
Flavour: Plum, Pineapple, Rum, Sweet Chocolate
Texture: Creamy, Medium High Body
Aftertaste: Winey and Chocolate

Finca Deborah - Nirvana

"Next level" anaerobic fermenation Geisha. Nirvana is a Nitrogen Maceration process, with whole very ripe cherries placed into a hermetically sealed tank for upwards of 100 hours in cool temperatures. Cherries are then slowly dried on raised African beds for 30 days. (Introduced and sourced from Forward Coffee)

Aroma: Guava, Passion Fruit, Ripe Mango, Blueberry
Flavour: Guava, Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango
Texture: Juicy, Medium High Body
Aftertaste: Tropical Fruits and Cocoa

Finca Deborah - Echo

Cascara infused, washed process Carbonic Maceration Geisha. After pulping, the cascara of the geisha is added into a tank with the freshly pulped coffee, and infused for 50+ hours, while monitoring pH, temperature and CO2 levels. (Echo was recently used to place 2nd in WBC 2019. Sourced from Forward Coffee)

Aroma: Jasmine, Rose, Mandarin, Stone Fruit
Flavour: Sweet Mandarin, Passion Fruit, White Peach, Honey
Texture: Silky, Medium Body
Aftertaste: Honey and Florals



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