How is your coffee sourced?

We are a coffee company at heart, so we establish close relationships with coffee growers. A few of our cold brews are made with direct trade coffee.

Each coffee we select goes through an extensive selection process, from green bean analysis, moisture content, sample roasting, to several cupping sessions, and cold brew sampling.

What is Direct Trade coffee?

Direct trade coffee is coffee sourced directly from a single origin farm. We work directly with farmers; we visit and meet the families behind the farm. We observe and ensure best practices are being followed, and we help where we can. They help us learn about how they farm coffee and we share knowledge with them of our experiences from traveling and meeting other coffee farms around the world. There are no middlemen. So for example the farmers will deliver the coffee direct to our coffee factory in Toronto. It is then our duty to roast their coffee in a very particular way that will highlight the particular notes of the coffee. We are essentially sharing more of the value chain with the farm.

What is your roasting style?

Our roasting style is heavily influenced by Scandinavian style light roasts.

This allows us to showcase the flavour nuances of the bean origin. Coffee is a fruit, and we try our best to bring out the fruit notes in each cup.

Shipping details?

We’ve removed the stress out of shipping, so shipping (and taxes) within Canada is included in the price for subscriptions. We ship Canada-wide to major cities, within 4 business days. We process subscription orders on the second Monday of every month.

Roasted coffee orders on the store are processed and roasted the following Monday or Tuesday, as we roast to order to ensure you receive the freshest roasted coffee.

(Free shipping on the shop applies to order of a minimum amount)

If you'd like to order for pickup, put code "PICKUP" as the coupon during checkout. Pickups do not need to meet the $50 minimum for online orders.

What is included in a subscription box?

2 bags of wholebean coffee are included in each subscription box. Our Roastery Select Subscribers also receive Third Wave Water packets.

Usually, 300g of coffee is included in each bag. Our roastery select subscribers may occasionally receive 100g or 200g of rare specialty coffee (based on value) instead of a 300g bag.

Do you ship to the USA?

We will be shipping to the continental United States very shortly. Sign up to be notified of when we launch our US delivery service and to see if your area falls within our delivery zones.

Do you do private label cold brew coffee?

In most cases, we prefer to undertake co-branding opportunities. Private label is typically reserved for high volume partners. Please contact us for more information.

Do you sell wholesale roasted coffee?

We offer competitive wholesale roasted coffee, with free shipping Canada-wide. We only use specialty-grade coffee, that is either direct-trade, fair-trade, and organic. Please contact us for more information.