How is your coffee sourced?

We are a coffee company at heart, so we establish close relationships with coffee growers and importers of quality coffee.

Each coffee we select goes through an extensive selection process, from green coffee analysis, moisture content, sample roasting, to several cupping sessions, and flavour profiling.

We now have 3 Q-Graders on the team.

What is Direct Trade coffee?

Direct trade coffee is coffee sourced directly from a single origin farm. We work directly with farmers; we visit and meet the families behind the farm. We observe and ensure best practices are being followed, and we help where we can. They help us learn about how they farm coffee and we share knowledge with them of our experiences from traveling and meeting other coffee farms around the world. There are no middlemen. So for example, the farmers will deliver the coffee direct to our coffee factory in Toronto. It is then our duty to carefully roast their coffee in a way that will highlight the particular notes of the coffee. We are essentially sharing more of the value chain with the farm.

What is your roasting style?

Our roasting style is heavily influenced by Scandinavian style light roasts.

This allows us to showcase the flavour nuances of the coffee origin. Coffee is a fruit, and we try our best to bring out the fruit notes in each cup.

Shipping details?


We’ve removed the stress out of shipping, so shipping (and taxes) within Canada is included in the price for subscriptions. We ship to most major cities within 4 business days. We process subscription orders on the 15th of every month.

New for US subscriptions! We're testing with our courier partner flat rate shipping to US:
$15 flat rate shipping fee on coffee subscriptions
$25 flat rate shipping fee on cold brew subscriptions

Coffee on the Webstore

Coffee orders on the store are processed right away. Recently fresh roasted coffees are packed and shipped, and if they are not available they will be included in the next available roast cycle. We mainly roast Tuesday to Thursday, but you'll find us roasting almost everyday of the week (including some weekends and nights!).

Canada: We have free shipping on store orders above $50. Flat rate $10 shipping for orders under $50.

US: We have free shipping on store orders above $75. Flat rate $15 shipping for orders under $75.

HK: We are testing a flat rate $25 shipping for all orders (up to maximum $400 per order).

All pricing is in CAD

If you'd like to order for pickup at the roastery, use coupon code "PICKUP" during checkout to waive the shipping fee. We will email you once your order is ready for pick up.

What is included in a subscription box?

Two bags of wholebean coffee are included in each subscription box. Roastery Select subscribers also receive Third Wave Water packets.

Usually, 300g of coffee is included in each bag. Our Roastery Select subscribers may occasionally receive smaller increments of rare specialty coffee (based on value) instead of a 300g bag.

Roastery Select: Our most popular plan, this is a curated set of coffees that we pick each month. They are coffees that intrigued us on the cupping table, or a new profile that we're working on, some new origins or exciting blends. In most cases, you're getting first try on coffees. And depending on how much we bring in, you may be the only ones that get to try some unique coffees!

Espresso Plan: Espresso plans for home are tricky. A lot of time (and coffee) goes into dialing in your shot, and in some cases you could be doing this on a daily basis. But, due to requests we've opened our core coffees for home espresso enthusiasts that like a nice consistent espresso every morning. This box has Ruby and Gamma coffees. If you prefer more bold coffees, or two of the same just let us know (select from Ruby, Gamma and Blackout, only).

Drip Plan: This plan is for those that want a nice consistent stream of approachable coffees for filter or drip coffee. This box has Supernova (Brazil) paired with a Central or South American coffee. If you prefer more bold coffees, or two of the same just let us know (select from Supernova, Ruby and Blackout, only).

When are subscription boxes shipped?

Because our subscription backend system notifies us on the 15th of each month on renewals and active subscribers, we try to ship on or around this date.

Usually, we roast and ship on the third week of a given month.

New Subscribers - if you signup after the 15th and before the 1st of the following month, we ship the current month's box (as renewal begins after the 1st of the following month). If you'd prefer to not receive the box, please let us know and we'll also shift out your renewal period one month.

Do you do private label cold brew coffee?

Yes. Please contact us for more information.

Do you sell wholesale roasted coffee?

We offer competitive wholesale roasted coffee, for cafes and businesses. We have a full service program, and can source equipment (at discount) and sundry items. Please contact us for more information, or visit our Partner with us page