A new release in 2020. We spent several months refining our concentrate process. In our traditional way of making cold brew, we found extraction rates to be too imprecise. So we held off on offering a concentrate.

With a new in-house re-designed process in place, we have effectively stabilized the extraction and made it more consistent and predictable (necessary in coffee manufacturing and bottling production).

You'll find our new concentrate to be clean (no left-over grit in the bottle), highly concentrated (we're talking 7% plus TDS, or in layman terms a 1:4 ratio - 1 part concentrate to 4 parts water), and versatile in application (dilute to ready-to-drink format, or straight as a shot, or with oat milk).


Straight Cold Brew

An approachable cold brew. A crowd pleaser that is an extension of your core coffee selection. Serve as ready-to-drink, or as draft on tap.



Roast Profile:

Medium Roast

Tasting Notes:

Caramel, Nutty, Chocolate


Ready-to-drink (dilute 1:3 or 1:4)
Cocktail or Mocktail


One for the Summer

This one is for the coffee adventurist. Light and bright, fruity and juicy. Dilute or add a little extra for a full bodied cold brew.


Ethiopia Natural Heirloom

Roast Profile:

Light Medium Roast

Tasting Notes:

Mixed Berries, Tangerine and Cocoa


Ready-to-drink (dilute 1:4)
Cold brew latte (dilute one to one, add splash of oat milk)



You haven't tasted a decaf like this - it's bright, it's juicy, and complete with a nice chocolate finish. Our decaf cold drip concentrate allows you to make coffee refreshments late into the evening.


Ready-to-drink Single Origin

1 part concentrate
4 parts water

We recommend 50ml concentrate with 200ml water to make a cup of straight cold brew.

Ready-to-drink Blend

1 part Classic
1 part Adventurous
8 parts water

We recommend 50ml concentrate with 200ml water to make a cup of straight cold brew. So this recipe would be 25ml Classic + 25ml Adventurous.

Cold brew latte

2 parts Classic
2 parts water
1 part oat milk or cream

Coffee Tonic

1 part Adventurous (or Classic) concentrate
4 parts Tonic water

We recommend adding Ice and Tonic water into a glass first, then adding the coffee concentrate